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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you need quick answers to some common questions people have?
How is your service so cheap?
The main reason is that we as Skynode want to make minecraft servers accessible for everyone, and with everyone we mean everyone. We also use an open-source management panel, Pterodactyl Panel, which reduces the costs significantly. We developed a completely custom theme in-house with many cool extra features like a theme switcher for a light and dark theme and a jar installer.

What is the main difference between Budget and Premium and is it noticeable?
Yes it is a noticeable difference. Our Premium nodes are equipped with the latest hardware to ensure speed and stability. The Premium nodes benefit from fast NVMe SSDs which are 5 times faster than normal SSDs which speeds up things like world loading significantly. The premium nodes are also overclocked to give you that extra bit of performance which normally is lost.

Can I get a refund?
Yes. Skynode offers refunds but only within the first 48 hours since the first initial payment. After that we cannot provide any refunds. For more information please take a look at Our Terms of Service

If I have any questions regarding my server, can you help me?
Yes! We are happy to assist you with setting up your server, however for any non-hosting related things like plugin installation or trouble shooting errors we might not be able to help you. You can find help on our discord server or you could use forums like spigot or mc-market.

Do I get FTP access to my server files?
Skynode offers SFTP access. SFTP stand for Secure File Transfer Protocol. Many hosts use default FTP, however we wanted to make sure your connection and files are as safe as possible so that's why you can connect to your server with a secure connection.

Do you have another question that isn't answered here?
You can contact us via support. You can click the livechat button on the bottom right of your screen or join our discord: