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We bring motivated and passionate content creators and talented business/server owners together for a mutual benefit and win-win opportunities. We have a partnership plan just for you, for small content creators or businesses but also for big content creators or server owners. Interested in partnering up with us? Apply now, before you apply make sure you read our requirements that you can find down here.

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Our Awesome List of Partners


The Hidden Gaming Lair serves as a central hub for gamers seeking to enhance their gaming experience, with interactive maps and overlays! Go check them out!


We are the main sponsor of the subreddit r/Palworld where you can enjoy Palworld content and questions about Palworld!

Gaming Tools

Gaming Tools has developed several Game Databases and Tools, such as the Palworld Database that will help you understand Palworld better!


Daku is a vstreamer on twitch where daku streams a lot of different games, daku is mainly playing palworld right now! Go check Daku out!


TreyKatxo is a canadian creator duo, they play a variety of games which are Palworld, 7 Days to Die and Minecraft, please swing by there stream!

Meraki Studios

Meraki is a group of talented creators within Minecraft that work together with soul, creativity, and love. With clients as MrBeast!


ChimneySwift11 is an amazing content creator that makes amazing content on Twitch and YouTube, he mainly streams Minecraft and Sea of Thieves!


ArryBo is a Minecraft streamer, streaming Minecraft and fun games with his community, you can join his server during stream!


JermsyBoy is a Minecraft YouTuber that is good at building and is also active in a SMP with multiple Youtubers so if you want some fun go check him out!

Hytale Thankmas

Hytale Thankmas is an event created by the community to come together and raise money for a charity!


ClickWell plays different kinds of Minecraft with bangin' chit-chat and a viewer interaction mod. Go check him out!

Guinea Pink Club

Guinea Pink is a Spanish LGTBIQA+ friendly esports club since 2018. They currently have sections in Valorant and CC.


Viggoman is a Minecraft YouTuber that is an expert in building, he makes amazing videos that are mainly medieval themed!


RipMonts is a streamer mainly focused on Minecraft he plays together with his community on his beloved CrownSMP!


Go Watch this amazing streamer who mainly plays Sims 4, so if you are in for some fun and hangout with an amazing community go check him out!


ServerJars is the easiest & most efficient way to get the most up to date jars. With our state-of-the-art system, we fetch updates every 8 minutes.


Teffycor3 is a spanish speaking Minecraft Streamer, playing a wide range of modpacks and gamemodes for optimal enjoyment for he viewers!

Skynode's Partner Features

As a partner with Skynode, you gain access to an array of remarkable benefits. Firstly, you'll enjoy a generous affiliate rewards program, offering significant incentives for your contributions. Secondly, you get exclusive access to early features and tools, placing you at the cutting edge of technological advancements. Lastly, achieving certain targets earns you free branded merchandise, like mugs, hoodies, and t-shirts, as a token of appreciation and a symbol of your success within the Skynode community.


Affiliate Rewards

Partners of Skynode benefit from a lucrative affiliate rewards program, offering exceptional incentives and bonuses for their collaboration and contributions. This partnership ensures both substantial rewards and a mutually beneficial relationship, enhancing the experience for all involved.


Exclusive Access

Partners of Skynode gain exclusive access to early access features and other advanced tools, providing them with a competitive edge and a chance to experience the latest innovations first-hand. This privileged access ensures partners are always at the forefront of new developments, enhancing their operational capabilities and service offerings.


Free Merch

Partners of Skynode who meet certain targets are rewarded with complimentary merchandise, which can include a range of items such as mugs, hoodies, t-shirts, and more. This incentive not only acknowledges their achievements but also offers tangible, branded rewards that promote a sense of belonging and appreciation within the Skynode community.

Want to become a partner?

If you're interested in joining our partnership program, you can easily reach out to us through various channels, including Discord, live chat, or via our billing area. We welcome all inquiries and are eager to assist you in becoming a part of our collaborative network, regardless of which communication method you prefer.